Monday, 10 March 2014 30 Day Book Challenge

Apologies for not being original and being a bit behind the door at catching on...but I found this challenge by accident.  There's loads of people on their blogs, facebook etc who've done it (thanks to whoever started it) and it seemed an interesting idea. I thought as I've been a very bad blogger of late it'd also be a bit of a push to make me get back in the habit so I'm going to have a go. I'll be really interested in anyone's views and I hope it might make me remember some old favourites.
Here's the complete challenge:
Day 01 - Best book you read last year
Day 02 - A book that you've read more than 3 times
Day 03 - Your favourite series
Day 04 - Favourite book of your favourite series
Day 05 - A book that makes you happy
Day 06 - A book that makes you sad
Day 07 - Most underrated book
Day 08 - Most overrated book
Day 09 - A book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving
Day 10 - Favourite classic book
Day 11 - A book you hated
Day 12 - A book you used to love but don’t any more
Day 13 - Your favourite writer
Day 14 - Favourite book of your favourite writer
Day 15 - Favourite male character
Day 16 - Favourite female character
Day 17 - Favourite quote from your favourite book
Day 18 - First "chapter" book you remember reading as a child
Day 19 - Favourite book turned into a movie
Day 20 - Book that makes you laugh out loud
Day 21 - Favourite book from your childhood
Day 22 - Your guilty pleasure
Day 23 - A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t
Day 24 - A book that you wish more people would've read
Day 25 - A character who you can relate to the most
Day 26 - A book that changed your opinion about something
Day 27 - The most surprising plot twist or ending
Day 28 - Favourite title
Day 29 - Favourite book you read in school
Day 30 - Your favourite book of all time

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