Review Policy...

At present a lot of the books reviewed here are paid for by myself -  Amazon love me!
However, I have recently become part of the lovereading review panel and also for Good Housekeeping Magazine so occasionally get a free review copy from them.  I get the occasional first read giveaway from goodreads and I am a member of Netgalley.
I will always make it clear where I get a book from and if it was a free copy to review.

I'll read pretty much anything (as long as it's not horror or anything too grisly) but my usual choices are in the women's and historical fiction genres with the odd mystery and crime and occasional paranormal thrown in.

All my reviews are honest, unbiased and are only my opinion. If I like it, great, but if it's not for me, that's just down to my taste, mood, whatever!  I use a five star rating which works as follows:

***** - absolutely loved it and didn't want to get to the end!

**** - really good. Almost loved it but there was just something that didn't quite convince me enough to give it 5 stars!

*** - s'okay! A pleasant enough way to spend an afternoon but not memorable.

** - not for me.

* - I rarely give up on book once I've started, but I could have done!

For the really difficult to call it books, I might just put in 1/2 marks too!

My reviews appear here, on goodreads (as fluffychick) and I link through my twitter account (@fluffychicko).  They occasionally pop up on amazon, but I'm not so reliable at getting things updated on there.

If you'd like to contact me about reviewing books please email me at for further information.