Monday, 17 March 2014

Day 7 - Most Underrated Book

This is a difficult I mainly read popular fiction, I don't think there's much I've read that I felt was under rated.  I just assume that it's down to taste.  I don't like the snobbery about romantic fiction and so maybe the work of popular fiction writers can be under rated by the reviewers in the big newspapers, maybe?

So after a bit of reflection, I could only come up with the following:
North and South - a brilliant classic which probably was overlooked until Richard Armitage played John Thornton in the BBC adaptation.  (I did read it before the TV, too!)
Some Jane Austen's gets overshadowed by Pride and Prejudice (I hold Colin Firth responsible!) but Persuasion is equally good, just different.

Apologies for being a bit vague on this one...I really struggled.