Friday, 21 March 2014

Day 11 - A Book You Hated

Similar in some ways to Day 8 with the overrated books.  Most of those would probably fit into this category too.  However, today's contenders are:
Alice in Wonderland - I just never got it! Not as a child and certainly not as a student teacher having to do it as part of classic children's fiction.
Jane Eyre - another one I just don't really get, although I did enjoy the BBC adaptation with Toby Stephens and his dodgy hair extensions!  I find the beginning purely depressing, the middle bit ok and the ending disappointing.  Yes, I get she's plain, has a tough deal, remains constant but won't give up her ideals, but it's all so wearing.
Sons and Lovers - I've tried to do D.H. Lawrence, but find them too slow, too depressing and there's no fun even in Lady Chatterley!

However, today's overall winner is Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy.  Probably unfair, but this was one of my "A-level" set texts (with this actual cover!) so it was forced upon me and any enjoyment was wrung out by over-analysis and rote learning of quotes and overall themes.  I haven't been able to pluck up the enthusiasm to read it since I finished the exam, so I although it may deserve a second chance and could be an undiscovered still remains my most hated book.  At the time I found the whole novel turgidly depressing and rather sanctimonious.  I have never tried any other hardy novels due to my lack of enthusiasm for this one.  On a positive note, I did do very well in my exams!