Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Day 15 - Favourite Male Character

Today, brings difficult choices!  My favourite male character, ummm...let me see.

Darcy - predictable, I know he's on just about every girls list, isn't he?  Not the easiest guy to get to know and possibly a bit deep and brooding at times, but he's attractive, honest to a fault and there's always Pemberley to get excited about!  
Captain Wentworth - any bloke that can write a such a fabulous letter is worthy of consideration. 
John Thornton - an all round good bloke, who despite being misunderstood, continues to try to do the right thing and this is probably a bit sad, but he's nice to his mother and his foul sister under very trying circumstances!
Severus Snape - bit of a odd one but he's my guilty crush!  There's just something about him (the crushing sarcastic comments) that I admired and I knew he wasn't all bad!
Erik (Phantom of the Opera) - again an unlikely crush and it's Erik from the fiction based on the musical rather than the original novel.  I just do have a soft spot for my tortured, damaged (and psychopathic) males.  He's just so misunderstood and I can't get beyond the Lloyd Webber version of events.
Jean Valjean - doesn't have the best of starts but definitely redeems himself.  My only reservation is why does someone so sensitive to others bring up a self- centred piece like Cossette?
Nicholas Brisbane - he's fit, gorgeous and can handle himself well.  He also marries a stroppy, opinionated woman.  What's not to like?
Radcliffe Emerson - as above, plus he's an Egyptologist! Bliss!

However, after much deliberation my favourite male character is...

Ramses Emerson.
I've covered some of this ground before, but after being a precocious child who was immensely irritating, he develops into a brave, daring young man with a talent for disguise who just happens to be amazingly good looking as well as being intelligent and sensitive.  He's knowledgeable about Egyptology, speaks many languages, writes scholarly books and also manages to fight crime and help out with the intelligence agency in the First World War.  Loyal to his friends and kind to animals.  The down side is he remains a little too close to his mother and he adores Nefret, but everyone has their faults!