Saturday, 31 October 2009

Finishing off for October...

The Importance of being Emma by Juliet Archer
So it's a modern retell of Emma and is totally predictable in that we know the characters and events. It's okay and pretty enjoyable fluff...however, Knightley is pretty weak and Emma is more disagreeable and less likable than in the original. Harriet is a dumb Essex girl rather than simply naive and unsophisticated and what's the deal about India? Pleasant enough.

On the way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn
The last of the Bridgerton series...and I loved indulging in it all! This one is based on Gregory, the youngest son! Although he doesn't appear much in the other books, he's a likable chap, but would have preferred him to be more defined as a character rather than just being much younger that the other brothers! Lucy is a pleasant enough heroine and has her moments, but it it all came to a bit of a warm mushy end rather than the promise of the first two books. saying all that - it's been an enjoyable read through the series and I'll probably try some of Quinn's other books after a bit of a break!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Even more in October...

It's in his kiss by Julia Quinn
It's Hyacinth's turn this time and although I can only vaguely remember her appearing fleetingly in The Duke and I, I found her a fab character! Less self absorbed than Francesca, less abrasive than Eloise and with a bit of a wild streak! She falls for Gareth - another rake, with an awful "father" and an interesting family history. They fall for each other to their surprise and it's another happy ending. More of the same but great fun and a light romantic read!

Beautiful People by Wendy Holden
I was really hopeful about this - I usually love this author and have read many of them on a beach and had a good giggle...however, with this I was disappointed...and I really did want to like it! It's too long and would have been better if edited more fiercely. Although the characters all interlink, many are either uninteresting or too much of an evil caricature. Shame, but one of my don't bothers.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

More in October...

Agatha Raisin and Love, Lies and Liquor by MC Beaton
Less enjoyable and I have to say as I go through the series I'm finding it all a bit wearisome. Agatha is still the same, obsessive and stupid over the dreadful Charles and rat James. Another murder in another awful seaside town. Pretty mediocre.

When he was Wicked by Julia Quinn
Love it - slightly diffrent as it's based around Francesca, who hasn't featured much in the previous books. Michael loves her, but she's married to his cousin John... the book tells of the loss and troubles before a happy resolution. Complete romantic fantasy but loved it!

To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn
Yes I'm back to the Bridgertons...and after a break I loved this! Didn't really like Eloise in the previous book, but here she becomes a much warmer and rounded character. Yes, it's a bizarre premise that she dashs off to see if Sir Phillip is a suitable husband and not even two horribly behaved children puts her off! Phillip is more rugged and less urbane that previous heroes but seemed a bit "thin" to me - yes, he's had a tortured childhood and a depressive first wife but that didn't translate to the passion he shows Eloise. Still a cracking read though!

Members Only by Leonie Fox
Pretty charmless - sort of footballer's wife based around the golf club. Pointless, lacks any sympathetic characters and going on the don't bother pile.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

October's books...

One Night Stand by Julie Cohen
Good fun but took a while to get going - I still can't work out why she was working in the pub if she has 16 books published?!! Yes, it's chick-lit and there's no great surprises, but it got pacy and fun. Found the characters of Sheila and June to be a bit weak and "padding" to the overall story, but I enjoyed it.

The One that got Away by Jessica Fox
First in "the hen party prophecies" and I won't bother with the others...totally, unforgivably predictable, even for chick lit. Weak supporting characters and a heroine with little charm. Poor!

Cross Stitch by Diana Gabalson
Bit of an odd one - yes, I enjoyed it but there were aspects of it that made me really uncomfortable. Firstly, a synopsis of the plot - it's the end of WWII and Claire falls through time due to some "fairy stones". She ends up in 18th century scotland and meets a gorgeous outlaw Jamie. After getting married and other various trials they end up in a French monastery! Simple! The uncomfortable bits were the "icky" love scenes of which there are many, the fact that he brutally beats her (and enjoys it!) and she eventually accepts that he was right to do it...the over descriptive passages of Jamie's childhood where his father beat him, as a reason for his behaviour and worst of all the fact that Jamie seems to be a love magnet for other men and the sadistic torture one of them inflicts on him. So it feels like a guilty pleasure - you enjoy it but after too much or when you've thought about it it makes you feel queasy.

It Should Have Been Me by Phillipa Ashley
Another little black dress book by the best author of theirs that I've read so far. Yes, it's unrealsitic and predictable, but so well done and another sexy hero, but no steamy sections in this one! Really loved it!