Sunday, 16 March 2014

Day 6 - A Book That Made You Sad

I'm certainly not a fan of "misery" books.  I read for enjoyment and entertainment and although I'm happy to tackle more heavyweight subjects I don't purposely choose books that will make me sad, but every now and then I'll find a novel that I connect with more intensely and although reasonably rare, I have been known to cry.   

Books that I've sobbed at:
Les Miserables - already covered!
Can't remember which one it was but definitely Jilly Cooper and the dog was killed (any ideas?)
The Colour Purple - even worse when I watch the film!
The Remains of the Day - all those missed opportunities.
Phantom by Susan Kay and Chanson de l'Ange - back to one of my obsessions, but it still gets me.
Me before You - didn't everyone?
100 Pieces of Me - a very recent read that touched a personal nerve.
A Monster Calls and 100 Ways to Live Forever - both children's/ YA books that I read in preparation for school but would never manage to read them to a class.  Both beautifully written.
My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece - I had the audio version of this and David Tennant is amazing.

However, my choice for book that made me sad is...
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
One reason - Dobby.
I know other major characters were killed off or badly maimed but that didn't affect me at all.  Killing Dobby was so unexpected and cruel, it came as a real shock.  I was inconsolable on the first read (but couldn't tell anyone as I'd bought it early on the first day of publication, no one else I knew had read it or wanted spoilers!) and I still cry when I re-read it even now.