Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Day 8 - Most Overrated Book

Ooo again, a tricky one.  As I said yesterday, I assume if I don't get on with a book that it's just down to me.  However, there are a few that were raved about and I just didn't like.
Here goes...and apologies if you adore any on this list.

The 50 Shades Trilogy - Urgh!  Left me feeling slightly unclean and regretting the time I'd wasted reading them on the promise of a friend that they got better.  In my opinion, they didn't.
His Dark Materials - again, highly recommended by friends and colleagues, I just didn't get it and didn't want to go any further...I have the whole series sitting unloved on the bookshelf.  Maybe I'm not clever enough.
Cold Comfort Farm - maybe I read it on a bad week, but I didn't see that it was funny.
I Capture the Castle - again, maybe I would have got it when I was younger, but not my thing.
The Thirteenth Tale - ok, but didn't understand what the fuss was about.
The Postmistress - a Richard and Judy choice that I was massively disappointed in.
One Day - I accept I might have been swayed by the "meh" audiobook version but although I though it was alright, I couldn't see why people rave about it.  I found the central characters rather annoying and cold and so couldn't connect emotionally with their story. 
The Girl with Glass Feet - beautiful cover and pretty silver edging on the pages...It had fabulous reviews and I wanted to love it.  Sadly, didn't. 
The Host - I found it dull and I just didn't care.  I'm sticking to the vampires.

The overall winner is...
Captain Corelli's Mandolin - one of the very few books I've ever given up on.  I've read the first 50 pages three times and still can't get any further.  I'm sure many have loved it, but not me.  I hated the film too!

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