Friday, 27 April 2012

In My Mailbox #9

Here's my latest buys!
I've admitted defeat and given in to the hard sell and constant nagging from someone at work with the Fifty Shades!  I read the first one last weekend, and although I haven't managed to do a review (yet) I found it all a bit distasteful and I wasn't convinced by either main character.  I've been assured it all gets better, but I'm not convinced...I just can't bear to NOT know what the hype is about.
I'm enjoying the Sebastian St Cyr series and am glad to be right about Hero Jarvis becoming a more central character.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

In My Mailbox #8

Here's my latest buys!
I'm sorry that I'm still having to apologise for the lack of recent reviews (I am trying!) which is a bit of a shame as I've read a couple of fantastic books over the Easter hols.

Why these books?  Well, I've finally given in to the hype about Fifty Shades, I do try not to get pulled in, but I somehow just can't help myself and it leapt into my supermarket trolley this is obviously another Marmite book.  Someone at work is raving about it but some of the reviews are enthusiastically trashing it! So I need to make up my own mind.
Katie Fforde? I read all her books and although some are better than others, its solid, well written happy chic-lit.  Victoria Connelly is another reliable favourite and I've enjoyed all her Austen books, so pre-ordered this a while ago for my kindle.  I'm presuming The Greatest Love Story of All Time is in a similar vein, although choosing a title like that takes some guts!
Where Serpents Sleep is the fourth in the Sebastian St Cyr series which I thoroughly enjoying and the last one was the best so far.
Happy Reading!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

In My Mailbox - Easter Treats!

Happy Easter to all! Hope you're managing the surplus of chocolate as well as I am!
Yet again, apologies for sloping off and neglecting my blog!  On holiday (yay!) and having a fabulous time with theatre trips and shopping.  Still reading, but not keeping up with reviews and stuff (bad girl! Hope to do a catch up soonish)...also managed to find time to dip into Amazon and buy new reads too.

So here are my latest lot... they're old ones that I've picked up through recommendations and from reviews at goodreads.



The Tea Rose was a recommendation through goodreads due to all the historical fiction I'm wallowing in at the moment.  I'm enjoying the Sebastian St Cyr series and as this one isn't available on kindle I have given in and bought a bashed-up paperback version from amazon just so I can read on!  The Fidelis Morgan was an impulse buy after reading an interview with the actress Celia Imrie, where she raved about the series and I think there's plans for a series/ film at some point; again it's more historical fiction, but sounds good fun.  Laurie Graham as it's had good reviews and it was a good kindle price.  I pre-ordered The Jane Austen Marriage Manual ages ago and am about half way through it at the moment, thought it'd be perfect for me, sadly it appears not.  The Haunting as I have a guilty secret of quite enjoying his other books and was a cheap used buy that my mum will enjoy too!
So, as usual it's a mixed bag (you ought to see my iTunes collection too, that's even more random!)
Happy reading!