Friday, 14 March 2014

Day 4 - Favourite Book of Your Favourite Series

Umm, a bit trickier than yesterdays challenge.

I really enjoy the first of the series "Crocodile on the Sandbank" as it sets up the whole series really well.  Amelia is a delight and the acerbic Emerson is a true hero.  When I first read these books, I had mixed feelings about the character of their son Ramses.  As a young child he's pretty annoying at times and I felt he got in the way of the more interesting stuff going on between Amelia and Emerson.  However, as the series progressed, I think it's the later books where there children have grown up and developed strong characters that allow much more to happen within each book.  The themes become darker and more complex and there's less boisterous humour than in the earlier novels.  Due to these reasons, I was stuck between Falcon at the Portal (#11) and Thunder in the Sky (#12).  These do need to be read back to back as the events of Falcon have a huge impact on characters actions in Thunder. 

I enjoy Falcon as the reader finally gets the whole Nefret/ Ramses relationship sorted (briefly) and I love that section of the book but then Nefret completely loses it and as she has never been my favourite character (too perfect, too smug, too adored by everyone who I feel should know better) I still find it hard to forgive her actions...she's just sooo not good enough for Ramses! 

However, I'm giving the award to Thunder in the Sky, as the gradual development of characters and the accumulation of all their quirks really drives the story.  Amelia is allowed to show her more vulnerable side and on a purely girly level it's where Ramses really comes into his own as a complete action hero.  
When you've invested so much time in a series, you really care about the characters and you want the "right" ending.  Although I wouldn't have been happy if the series had ended at this point, I felt a sense of satisfaction and I don't think any of the books that came after this point, although all good and enjoyable, gave me same fulfilment.