Thursday, 13 March 2014

Day 3 - Favourite Series

Easy... The Amelia Peabody Series by Elizabeth Peters. 

I love, love, love this series.  I could be an absolute geek about this series and I have tried to get everyone I know to read them. (With varying degrees of success!) It has it all, Egyptology, strong female lead, humour, crime and mystery.  Amelia is a feisty feminist ready to defend herself and her family with her trusty parasol and belt of tools, but most importantly there's two clever and handsome heroes, three if you count Sethos who definitely has his moments too.  Firstly, the wonderful Emerson and then he passes the riskier stuff onto his son Ramses as the series progresses.
These my comfort reads and I adore them...I also have the audiobooks and I tend to go through the whole lot on my daily commute every couple of years just for the fun of it. 
I found the first of the series completely by accident years ago when on an Egyptology summer school killing time in Waterstones over lunch rather than risk looking a total Billy-no-mates.  I'm sure all my serious classmates wouldn't have approved but I lapped it up and then devoured the rest of the available books.

Other series (serious?!) contenders:
Harry Potter - need I say more?
Lady Julia Grey - I love Brisbane! I admit it, I'm easily swayed by a dashing hero.
Sebastian St.Cyr - ditto! 
Terry Pratchett - the witches books, I love Esme Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg
Mary Russell series - ageing Sherlock Holmes.  Started off well but the later ones didn't entertain as much.
Rivers of London - a recent audiobook find.  Really enjoyed them and had developed a bit of a sad crush on Nightingale by the end of Book 4!
No 1 Ladies Dectective - cosy reading where nothing much happens.
Twilight - loved it first time round, but they didn't stand the test of a re-read for me.
Secret Seven - read everything by Enid Blyton but these were my favourites and I prefered them to the Famous Five, but not sure why.
Sue Barton Nurse series - ooo, I read these years ago as a pre-teen, maybe I ought to revisit?!

Do you know, I hadn't realised that I'm a serial series reader?!