Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Day 16 - Favourite Female Character

Elizabeth Bennett - I know, predictable again but she's clever (but not clever enough to see through Wickham), witty, can dance and has a pair of fine eyes.  She gets her man and Pemberley...I want to be her!
Belle (or whatever different people call her) in Beauty and the Beast - my favourite fairy tale.  I love Belle as she's bookish, brave and amazingly loyal both to her father and eventually the Beast.
Pauline Fossil - I went through phases of wanting to be all the Fossil sisters, but it was Pauline that I really admired.  She isn't always nice but she gets her comeuppance and learns from it.  She can do it all - the first triple threat I'd ever heard of!
Esme Weatherwax - a complete legend.  Proud, brusque but kind, an amazing understanding of how people tick and magical powers that she refuses to flaunt.
Nanny Ogg - I wouldn't want to be her, but you've got to admire her chutzpah!
Anne Elliot - starts out as a bit of a doormat but gets her man eventually.

But today I choose...
Amelia Peabody Emerson
This this choice could seem a bit strange as I've chosen her son as my favourite male character (and I do adore him) but my dilemma is I'm just not keen on the overly fragrant Nefret who eventually marries the gorgeous Ramses.
So I'm going for Amelia in her younger days, early in the series before Ramses really makes any impact in the books.
Amelia is an independent woman of means, who takes on the world, rights all wrongs and uses her parasol to great effect.  She also develops a love for all things Egyptian and the wonderful Emerson.  Although she's no great looker, her personality and dynamism not only attract Emerson but also the attentions of the mysterious Sethos.  Any lady who manages all this is fabulous!