Friday, 28 March 2014

Day 18 - First "Chapter" Book you Remember Reading as a Child

An easy one for today.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson

I was six, in Miss Buxton's class (which would now be called Y1) and she was a lovely young teacher who chose fabulous stories to read out loud.  She read this to the class and after the first chapter I nagged my mum to get it for me.  I remember standing in the bookshop, which is sadly long gone, and describing the cover and saying I wanted the book about Plop the Owl, but I couldn't remember the actual title.  I think we had to order it as my mum brought it home from work with her one day.  Things were so much more hassle pre-Amazon!  
Plop is a baby barn owl who doesn't want to go out at night.  He also has difficulties in flying and falls out of his tree with a plop!  Each chapter tells of Plop meeting someone who has a reason for liking the dark and eventually he is convinced that the dark is alright and he goes out with his long suffering parents.  Simple stuff, but I loved it!  It's since been adapted into a picture book and I still regularly use both versions in school.

I must also thank Miss Buxton for introducing me to How the Whale Became, My Naughty Little Sister and the Danny Fox stories.  Danny Fox was my second "chapter" book that my poor mum had to search for!