Saturday, 15 March 2014

Day 5 - A Book that Makes You Happy

I've made an executive decision...I'm going for happy, "comfort" books here rather than the ones that make me laugh as that comes further down the list.  Although these books give me pleasure, they're not necessarily without a darker aspect or maybe cover serious issues.

I love a good romance book, what I consider to be more grown up chick-lit.  However the term is often seen as been derisive and I don't mean it in that way at all.  These authors are consistently brilliant and I look forward to any new novels coming out.  My favourites are:

Milly Johnson - all fabulous books and she's from Barnsley!  What's not to like when the characters go shopping in Meadowhall?!  Particularly liked Here Come the Girls.
Trisha Ashley - all good, I even managed to get old battered copies of her early stuff before they were republished.  Particularly liked A Winter's Tale.
Jenny Colgan - a recent find but devouring all the sweetie and cupcake related books and they have recipes.  Not that I've tested any, yet.
Erica James - all brilliant but Tell it to the Skies is set in Venice which makes it even better.

Other cosy reads -
Amelia Peabody series - think I've already covered that one!
No1 Ladies Dectective books - they're so gentle and relaxing.
Beauty and The Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley - both variations on the story of Beauty and the Beast which is my all time favourite fairy tale.

 I'm a sucker for a happy ending and so my all time "Happy" book is Pride and Prejudice for a dark, moody but honourable hero (in the Colin Firth mould) and the best happy ending!