Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Heaven Sent by Christina Jones
A bit slow to start and I was slightly confused by all the names of her friends, and then I realised that some of the friends had appeared in earlier books and so it all clicked into place!
I have read some of Christina Jones earlier books in the dim distant past and seem to rember them as being pretty good. I really enjoyed this - it's fun, the characters are well written and having a character like YaYa didn't spoil it...(the token wacky character for effect can be a pain in less well thought out books!) It also makes a change for there to be no steamy scenes and although the reason why Guy and Clemmie "fall out" was weak, I could live with it!
I have already bought "Happy Birthday" which is the story of Phoebe (Clemmie's hairdresser friend) and I'm looking forward to it.

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