Sunday, 18 January 2009

later in the weekend...

So, I've now found goodreads...I can see another addiction on the horizon! I haven't put everything on yet, but slowly intend to to help keep track of all my books.
Reading through a lot of chicklit at the moment, partly because I share these with friends and I like to make sure I pass books around regularly, but now I'm back at work and mainly reading late in the evening, I find I don't get into the slightly more serious stuff unless I have a concentrated length of reading time (if only!)
Where is that lottery win? Nice to dream?!!
Trying to pull the next few Agatha Raisin books to keep up with the series and can't find swaps so have gone back to Amazon and bought them...nice to know I'm keeping them going in these times of credit crunch!!

Who's that girl? by Alexandra Potter
I've read other things from the same author and I was hoping that her books would have developed a bit by now. This book was predictable...time slips (or however it happened, which wasn't properly explained either) are fashionable and she did similar with the Mr Darcy book. I actually found the sloany Beatrice more interesting than the dull Charlotte and would have liked to know more about her! The younger version - Lottie was equally mediocre. Okay book and I've read far worse, but overall disappointing.

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