Sunday, 4 January 2009

Okay - starting properly now...January 2009

I love being off work - whole days to do nothing but sit, read, drink wine and eat nachos...I could easily become used to this life...who cares about the dust, ironing and other work building up?

So what have I managed in the early days of 2009?

Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley by MC Beaton
Did what it said on the tin...I do like Agatha, she's such a "normal" person. The murder is quickly dealt with, but her ongoing crush on her neighbour is finally rewarded. Good fun and a quick read.
One Glass is Never Enough by Jane Wenham-Jones
Took a while to get into it as the three main female characters blended into one at first and I couldn't remember who was what! saying that the characteristation of Sarah and Claire was pretty weak and made little impact through the book. Fairly pleasant meander through the usual events. Cross dressing husband thrown in for interest (sussed it when he got excited by the sari!) and careful edging around mental illness and depression.
Ordinary Miracles by Grace Wynne-Jones
Definitely ordinary! Okay, I knew it was "older-chick-lit" when I bought it, but very predictable (more so than I usually accept from the genre) and it took 200 pages to go where you knew it was going. The main character of Jasmin wasn't particularly appealing and the way she acquired her name was possibly the most interesting thing about her. Charlie had potential, but disappeared part way through whilst jasmin tried to find herself. Throw in the pig called Rosie, lesbian daughter, stroppy single friend who is secretly needy and that's about it. Lacked humour and has all been done before. Disappointing.
I haven't checked but strongly suspect that these two authors are the same person?!!

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