Sunday, 20 December 2009

More for December...

Hurray!! On holiday at last...this term has lasted FOREVER!! And the amount of work I've had to plough through this past few weeks has had an adverse impact on the amount of reading I've been able to do...shame! Hoping once I've sorted myself for Christmas (no tree or decorations up yet!) I can have a few days of serious serial reading!! have a couple of Christmas themed books lined up and I want to indulge in the whole Twilight and Beauty and the Beast thing again...I know I'm a secret romantic at heart!! But here's what I've read this week!

The Gift by Cecelia Ahern
Don't bother!  Cover is gorgeous and it's blurb is very clever...however, if you want Christmas cheer, don't read!!
The only saving grace is that I didn't pay for was a present (from someone I think likes me, too!)  It's a depressing, moralising ramble with characters that don't deserve any redemption.  I've been disappointed in all Ahern's books since PS I love you, but this is the worst.  Doubt I'll bother with any again.

Agatha Raisin and Kissing Christmas Goodbye by MC Beaton
Got to say that the last few Aggie's have gone off the boil and it's been a bit tiresome to honest, but once I've committed to a series I do try to stick with it.  However, this is much better and Aggie is back on form.  It's better for the lack of James, less Chrales and the focus on the actual investigation.  The wonderfully understanding Mrs Bloxby also stands up to Alf the vicar too.

Summer at the Villa Rosa by Nicky Pellegrino
Enjoyed this...very similar to many others I read this year, particularly as the Italian setting has been a popular theme in many of my reads. Again,it's very gentle and slightly "oldy worldy" with the strong moralistic and religious beliefs of the villagers. Not so much of a romance, but more of response to the characters previous actions and behaviours...not a lot actually happens. Like it but prefered "The Italian Wedding" from the same author.

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