Saturday, 26 December 2009

Last Christmas by Julia Williams
A gorgeous Christmas read!  Gently romantic which weaves the stories of Marianne, Gabriel, Cat and Noel.  Sweet ending, but not too sacharine in how it gets there...didn't actually need the character of Ralph as far as I was concerned, but it all worked well into the overall theme.

Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog
Yes it's YA again and it's very gossip girl - but the actual story is a good idea, just the characters aren't terribly sympathetic.  Morgan is a petty nasty pece of selfish work - especially the way she thinks about her best friend...can't understand why anyone would be so desparate to stay with such a whiner and was it necessary for Pip to turn out to be such a hunk?  wouldn't she have been better to learn that beauty is more than skin deep?!! Or let's face it I'm far too old and cynical to be reading this really...

Beast by Donna Jo Napoli
YA retelling of Beauty and the Beast from the Beast's pov.  However, the bulk of the book is about how he becomes the beast and the lead up to meeting Beauty...
Orasmyn is a Persian prince who falls for a fairy's trick and becomes a lion.  His love of roses and books helps him to maintain an aspect of his humanity to be able to entice Belle into his life.  An interesting take and maintained interest despite 2/3 of the book being about him travelling between Persia, India and France with only his eating and sleep patterns to tlak about!  No I'm noy kidding...Belle is a slightly "damaged" woman, but again due to the pov you don't find out about her motivations.  Well written and interesting but not amazing.
Tempted by PC and Kirsten Cast
More of the same...although Neferet is pretty much out of the picture.  Still having trauma about boyfriends...although the amazing Eric's attractions are wearing thin...still have to save the world although the poor humans don't seem to be aware what's happening...not sure I'll carry on with this series - it's very same-y and the characters don't seem to be developing or maturing.  I know all the books have happens in a short timescale of about 3 months but they don't seem to going anywhere.

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