Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Bit of a change...

Having a bit of a change around here, ready for the new year!
As 2009 has been about how many books I've read and a brief overview of what I've thought about them...and it only has been my rather limited opinion!!  I've decided in 2010 to try and spend a little longer (and more thought!) to the reviews as I seem to have read some books sooo quickly this year, when I look back I can hardly remember them at all.  Now, some book have been instantly forgettable...but I will try to do better this coming year!

Just as a quick summary of this year...
Total books read in 2009 - 162
How did I manage that?!  Well I've spent huge parts of my holidays laid of the sofa reading, rather than doing any housework, gardening, shopping...I've also spent a fortune on Amazon and also saved a bit by ReaditSwapit.
Books I most enjoyed...
Okay, they might not be classics, but here's what I loved this year.
Bridgerton Series
A Spring Affair
A Vintage Affair
The Love of my Life
The Villa in Italy
The French Gardener
The Italian  Matchmaker
It's the Little Things
Last Christmas
Don't bother with...
The Gift - depressing
The Luminous Life of Lily Aphrodite - sorry, I just didn't get the point of it!
Hard to Choos
English as a Second Language
Could it be Magic?
The Ballroom on Magnolia Street
Members Only
Heaven knows I'm miserable now

Not bad, but slightly disappointed by...
The Return
The Alchemist
Madonna of the Almonds

Anyway, that's the summary of 2009.
So - if anyone's out there - I hope you like the refurb and stick with me!

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  1. How many books have I read each month?
    2009 - 162 books!
    December - 17 books so far!
    November - 8 books so far!
    October - 12 books
    September - 14 books
    August - 15 books
    July - 7 books
    June - 12 books
    May - 17 books
    April - 14 books
    March - 17 books
    February - 12 books
    January - 17 books