Monday, 28 December 2009

Last books for 2009...

A Load of Old Tripe by Gervase Phinn
A Christmas present and a quick read - will definately use it at work, paricularly with the older kids.  No surprises and some of the stories (as sometimes happens with Phinn) I've heard from other people just in slightly different circumstances!

Very Nice ways to Say Very Bad Things by Linda Berdoll
Yuk!  Thought it'd be a witty book of quotes of put downs from well known authors...however it's a trawl through rude words (non of which were new or particularly shocking) and showed a major lack of understanding of how cetain words are used in the UK.  Don't bother.
The Tales of Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling
Had this for 12 months and it's sat at the bottom of the pile...don't know why!  It's sweet and links well with the final Harry Potter book.
Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiana
4.5 stars really...I've loved some of her previous books, particularly Lucia, Lucia.  This is good and obviously the start of a series, but it does overindulge in description which really slows it down.  I also though Valentine was a bit of a sad case - she's desparate for a fella, so lets him treat her like dirt at certain points and then keeps him at arms length - make up your mind, girl!  The sections about shoe making were fasinating, but it needs to move on faster.
A Single to Rome by Sarah Duncan
Okay...for me it dwelled too much on still loving Michael...but loved the deatil about Rome and the supporting characters were very well written and interesting. Just a bit too miserable for the first half to be my kind of chick-lit.

Maskerade by Terry Pratchett
An old favourite that I fancied re-reading!  Love Pratchett and was introduced to him years ago at Uni by a friend with a very warped sense of reality...but she was spot on with this!  Not my favourite, but features Esme Weatherwax, who is one of my favourite characters (and as I get older, I admire her sooo much more!!) and the amazing Greebo!
Based on the Phantom of the Opera - lots of snipes at the operatic world but less focus on the discworld.

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