Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Day 29 - Favourite Book You Read in School

I have a tendency to be a bit contrary (really, moi?) and so if I was made to read something at school it didn't always turn out as well as the books I found for myself.  I don't remember having that many "class reads" in school either, we definitely did a few in middle school including:
The Owl Service
Five Children and It
The Silver Sword
which I remember purely because I loved them...but any others have faded into the dim dusty corners of my lost memories!

At secondary school we were force fed several texts.  I loathe Moonfleet, Great Expectations and Lord of the Flies due to the grim overworking of them by teachers having to teach a class where 90% had probably not read any of the set chapters beforehand anyway.  Although I'm told they are worthy reads they just can't redeem themselves in my eyes.
I did enjoy Wide Sargasso Sea despite being nonplussed by Jane Eyre.  I also loved all the Shakespeare I did (except Twelfth Night for some reason).

However, today's prize goes to a book already mentioned...The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler.