Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Day 23 - A Book You Wanted to Read For A Long Time But Still Haven't

Oh, this where I have to 'fess up just how big my TBR pile is?!  At least 100 books around the house and a further 120 on the kindle, all waiting for a little bit of attention.  The problem is they will keep publishing books that I want to read and I sadly still have to work and do so many other things that just gets in the way of my dedicated reading time.
There's loads of books I want to read but haven't got around to...yet.  But the one I'm going to tackle over the summer holidays this year because it's been there for eons is...

Anna Karenina

It's a classic, it's on the 100 books you should read and I've been meaning to get around to it since I saw the film with Sean Bean (so long ago) and was underwhelmed and so decided that I ought to give it a real chance.
I'll let you know!

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