Friday, 4 April 2014

Day 25 - A Character Who You Can Relate To The Most

Well, I'm feeling pretty smug as it's Day 25 and I've managed to stick to blogging every day, on time for this challenge and the end is rapidly approaching.
But today's another tricky one...I tend to want to be other characters rather than relating to them.
After some consideration I think I was a bit of a Hermione Granger when I was growing up and I do see where she's coming from in the books. (I think this was also why I got a bit annoyed, particularly with the earlier films as she wasn't portrayed quite as I imagined her.)
She's swotty, bookish naturally talented.  Her way of trying to solve a problem is to go to the library and research it.  She's annoying, bossy and has an opinion on everything.  She'd be the first to say I told you so.  But despite all that, she is aware of her flaws, she's no beauty (in the book) and she sometimes has a humour by-pass, but she has a spark about her.  Most importantly she is also incredibly loyal, resilient and reliable.  
I didn't go to a magic boarding school and I'm not naturally brilliant like Hermione but I was a hardworking, serious, girly swot with my nose always stuck in a book too and that's probably why I ended up doing the job I do so I had an excuse to channel my inner bossiness to a suitable end (but in a good way!)