Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just a bit of a ramble...

So I'm snowed in...well, not totally, but can't get off my street (why do I live at the bottom of a hill?) and no work today, so I didn't even try.  Had a mooch, done a bit of work, dug out my car so I can try again tomorrow and decided to have a little moan! All this snow is very pretty and the kids are having an amazing time, but I'm a bit bored of it now and want to get on with real life!  I'm fed up of watching all the doom and gloom local news reports trying to predict whether school will open tomorrow.  It's lovely at Christmas - all scenic and you can look smug when your house is full of goodies and you don't need to be anywhere...but I'm left with a few stale crusts of bread (slight tinge of blue when you look carefully), no fruit or veggies (at all! Not even a gently sprouting, slightly green jacket potato) and it looks like I'll be living out of the freezer for the rest of the week.  This is not a thrilling prospect, sadly, my freezer is lacking in new year umph too - heavy on the frozen fish, Aunt Bessie yorkshire puds and petit pois...not a lot of anything else, might be a solitary frost bitten ciabatta bread from last year cringing next to the icicles down the back if I get really desperate!!  Think I'll be relying on the multivits to stop me from keeling over.
On the plus side, I've had an extra couple of hours of reading (always a treat), have exercised my right thumb from the vigorous texting to all my work colleagues who are also sat at home doing not a lot (apart from the ones with kids who have built elaborate igloos and snowmen and sent me the pics - sweet!) and finished off the last packet of jaffa cakes with at least seven cups of coffee.  Just because I'm not at work doesn't mean I can let my caffeine intake slip!

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