Thursday, 14 January 2010

I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk

Angela Clark finds out  at her best friends wedding that her very long term boyfriend has been unfaithful.  Rather than go back home to her parents she packs her Louboutin's and very little else and jets off to New York.  Here she meets new friends, starts dating and develops her career in a new direction. (And that really is it!)
It's okay...I actually thought the debacle at Louisa's wedding was very well done and an excellent start, but once in New York it all went a bit downhill for me.  Firstly, I didn't feel strongly about Angela either way...yes, going to NY was an interesting thing to do, but not "heroic" as all her new friends kept saying.  (I save that for rescuing people from burning buildings and flying in a lycra suit with your pants on the outside!) 
Jenny as her NBF starts off interesting (but how unlikely that she'd take on such a sad case and all her friends would adopt her too?) but towards the end completely changes personality.  The fact that Angela sticks with her simply demonstrates how weak her old friend, Louisa, back in the UK is.
The timescale was unrealistic - even within chick-lit land and everything magically falls into place?  Two gorgeous men that quick in NY?  When you've no real friends or connections? I thought there was a shortage of men there?!  Not even having an English accent is that much of a pull!  Both men were pretty lukewarm for me, and Alex didn't convince as the edgy, indie maybe I just missed the point. 
I didn't buy the AMAZING transformation due to a new haircut and makeup by mac.  True, it'd be lovely but I think we've all got over the fact that it's not a long term life changing solution to a girl's problems, neither is a handbag - even if it is Marc Jacobs and the author constantly tells us how fabulous it is.  I got a bit fed up of hearing about the eye makeup, the handbag, the short shorts etc. as it didn't move the plot on and was fairly repetitive.  Sadly, the blogging and it's immediate success fell flat with me too.
I suppose the main problem is that other than a brief dilemma of choosing between two men, there's no conflict in the plot and so nothing to really grab your interest.  I expected there to be some show down between her and Mark (the ex) or at least between her and her friend who hadn't told her about the affair.

Overall I think the author had more fun writing it than I did reading it!  I also didn't get a real feel for NY which was a shame...all the fashionable shops and bars could have been anywhere.  It appeared to be author wish fulfillment (and she clearly adores NY - obvious by the extras at the back) and that's okay, but I expect a bit more story for my money.  One plus though, the cover is fabulous! There was also a edit/print errors - the publishers really need to get that sorted - what happened to proofreading?

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