Saturday, 9 January 2010

50 Ways to Find a Lover by Lucy-Anne Holmes

Sarah Sargeant is sure she doesn't need a relationship. She cynically mouths "it'll never last" at weddings and is focused on developing her career as an actress. That's until her parents try to get her on a reality show and then convince her to start a blog about her search for love. She starts "the spinster quest" and alongside a growing obsession with her blog, she tries different ways to meet a man from speed dating to pulling at a hen party.
This is based on the author’s real blog and at times is funny and strikes a chord with possibly all single women and their experiences. It starts off pretty well and I was hopeful, however, maybe I'm just not the target audience but I didn't really like Sarah and as the book went on she became increasingly whiny, self absorbed and downright irritating, when I think she was meant to be ditzy and fun! Perfect Paul was poorly written and a bit of a cardboard cut out, I could understand why Simon didn't ask him about the phone call, but why didn't she if she was so enamoured by him? The final love match was predictable from the first chapter and the ending was a poor rip-off of every Richard Curtis film in existence (and even acknowledges that). The final disappointment was the "rude bits" that the author mentions in the dedication. Sordid details of other blogs, visits to a fetish club and descriptions of her of her vivid imaginings were unnecessary and all just a bit icky. I think the idea probably worked best as a blog and as a book, just okay.

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