Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Still in August...

Jinxed by Sara Lawerence
Continuation of High Jinx (I bought both books together or i wouldn't have bothered)...more of the same really with too much swearing, sexual and drug references to be a YA book for me...but maybe I'm just extremely old fashioned! I ceratinly wouldn't let school stock it, though! Only redeeming feature is that the main characters are slight nicer to the less beautiful and well dressed than before.

A Spring Affair by Milly Johnson
Fab...loved it! Lovely romance set in Barnsley, at last a book where they go off to Meadowhall rather than the swishy, unobtainable shops in central London...(not that I'm biased or anything!)Interesting characters that you actually care about and yes, it's predictable, but done very well. Shame Lou got to Tom Broom first he could bring a skip round any time for me!

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