Friday, 28 August 2009

More for August...

Air Babylon
I think this is my 4th Babylon book and probably one of the better ones (though the beach and fashion were overated) surprises, I doubt anyone would be shocked by the antics of the ground and air crews and most has already been fairly well publicised in the press and TV. However, it's slickly written putting years of events into 24 hours and is an entertaining and rather (guiltily) trashy read.

Village School by Miss Read
I remember my mum getting the Miss Read books from the library when I was small and probably more into Milly Molly Mandy! I suddenly decided I fancied a gentle, old fashioned read and that's exactly what I got. Set in the mid fifties, it tells of Miss Read the "headmistress" of Fairacre Village school, a two classroom school with no running water in an undefined rural area of England. There's no action, it's mostly character observation and the annual events that mark country life. It's so gentle, it's like a fluffy duvet and a piece of chocolate cake - the world, and education is definately a very different place now.

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