Sunday, 22 February 2009

end of the depressing!

Had a fab week and now it's Sunday and I'm all depressed again!

Class by Jane Beaton
Found this by accident on RiSi and tried to swap - as it didn't happen I bought it from Amazon out of curiosity and because i like the cover. So, I admit to being shallow! Like the author i loved the boarding school stories as a child and vividly remember St Clares, Mallory Towers and the Naughtiest girl in the school! Like many girls I thought my very ordinary school was dull in comparison...well this is boarding school for grown ups (well pretending to be grown ups!) and it's a romp through school girl pranks, difficulty settling in for the girls and the staff...I'm already for the next one!

An altenative "Phantom of the Opera"...where Christine makes the right choice!

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