Tuesday, 2 September 2014

One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond

A light and entertaining read that I loved.  Going by the title you’d expect gorgeous descriptions of beautiful Italian cities, but no…it’s set in Sheffield, which makes it a definite winner for me!

All the characters are linked by an Italian for Beginner’s night school class which they join for various personal reasons.  Sophie is the teacher, who has reluctantly returned to Sheffield after years of travelling, due to her father’s sudden illness.  Anna, a journalist at the local paper discovers that she has an Italian heritage and this inspires her to learn more about the food and culture. Terribly nice but rather downtrodden Catherine is suffering from empty- nest syndrome as her children go to University and her husband leaves her.  These three women and the supporting cast of the eclectic remaining members of the class quickly become firm friends and provide encouragement and practical help as they find their way through their problems.

It’s well written, humorous and rattles along at a pace and has the good feel factor.  It also mentions many beloved places in my home town which made it a great read.  Highly recommended and one for fans of Milly Johnson.