Tuesday, 10 January 2012

new books for this week...

Just to clarify, apart from the Transworld Challenge that I did this summer, I don't get any freebies! Not that I wouldn't like any, but I'm very, very small scale and I don't get any books offered!!  If you'd like to help change this situation, please contact me!  Although I try to blog reasonably regularly and I keep my goodreads updated, I am very slow at putting reviews on Amazon and other sites, so I aim to try harder this year.
So what treats have I lined up this week? Well, I'm waiting for another couple to arrive from Amazon, (yes, I've been seduced by the recommendations for me, again, so I'll tell you about them next time I blog about my mailbox and let you know what other goodies I have to look forward too...but waiting on the shelf right now are:

Has anyone read these already? What did you think?

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