Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Dancer in Wartime by Gillian Lynne

A Christmas pressie that I couldn't put down!
Gillian Lynne (for me at least) is famous for her choreography of ALW musicals, particularly Phantom of the Opera (as my all time favourite musical!!) but I was pretty ignorant about her background and early dancing career.  This autobiography charts her childhood and early ballet career at Sadler's Well through the war, taking in the tragic death of her mother, the trials of London in wartime and her nomadic existence between loving relatives and ballet schools. 
I loved this book, as a huge ballet fan and for the years (mis) spent struggling in ballet classes, it was a enthusiastic and loving tribute and Lynne's passion for the art form really come through.  The famous names scattered throughout and the photographs used make it even more special.  A must for all theatre and dance fans and I hope there's a follow up!