Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Charming the Prince by Teresa Medeiros

So, I was pretty scathing about a previous Teresa Medeiros book a few days ago…in my defence, I got this one at the same time, and although I was expecting more of the same, it does pain me to give away books before at least giving them a go.  So I gave it a go!

It is more of the same really (and I won't bother with any more by this author - they're just not for me) – this time, it's medieval England and Lord Bannor returns from the wars in France to find he needs a mother for his huge brood of unruly children.  He sends out his friend Hollis to find a suitably maternal woman, who he won’t be attracted to (so he doesn’t have more children!)  Unfortunately for Bannor, Hollis returns with the beautiful Willow, who has been used as a skivvy by her evil-stepmother. Both Willow and Bannor are instantly attracted to each other, but spend most of the book fighting and squabbling, until they get their happy ending!
That’s really all I can say – it’s written as a fairy tale for grown ups, it’s silly, ridiculous romantic fluff and that’s fine, but the characters are one dimensional and there’s no surprises or twists to keep you interested.