Saturday, 3 October 2009

October's books...

One Night Stand by Julie Cohen
Good fun but took a while to get going - I still can't work out why she was working in the pub if she has 16 books published?!! Yes, it's chick-lit and there's no great surprises, but it got pacy and fun. Found the characters of Sheila and June to be a bit weak and "padding" to the overall story, but I enjoyed it.

The One that got Away by Jessica Fox
First in "the hen party prophecies" and I won't bother with the others...totally, unforgivably predictable, even for chick lit. Weak supporting characters and a heroine with little charm. Poor!

Cross Stitch by Diana Gabalson
Bit of an odd one - yes, I enjoyed it but there were aspects of it that made me really uncomfortable. Firstly, a synopsis of the plot - it's the end of WWII and Claire falls through time due to some "fairy stones". She ends up in 18th century scotland and meets a gorgeous outlaw Jamie. After getting married and other various trials they end up in a French monastery! Simple! The uncomfortable bits were the "icky" love scenes of which there are many, the fact that he brutally beats her (and enjoys it!) and she eventually accepts that he was right to do it...the over descriptive passages of Jamie's childhood where his father beat him, as a reason for his behaviour and worst of all the fact that Jamie seems to be a love magnet for other men and the sadistic torture one of them inflicts on him. So it feels like a guilty pleasure - you enjoy it but after too much or when you've thought about it it makes you feel queasy.

It Should Have Been Me by Phillipa Ashley
Another little black dress book by the best author of theirs that I've read so far. Yes, it's unrealsitic and predictable, but so well done and another sexy hero, but no steamy sections in this one! Really loved it!

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