Saturday, 31 October 2009

Finishing off for October...

The Importance of being Emma by Juliet Archer
So it's a modern retell of Emma and is totally predictable in that we know the characters and events. It's okay and pretty enjoyable fluff...however, Knightley is pretty weak and Emma is more disagreeable and less likable than in the original. Harriet is a dumb Essex girl rather than simply naive and unsophisticated and what's the deal about India? Pleasant enough.

On the way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn
The last of the Bridgerton series...and I loved indulging in it all! This one is based on Gregory, the youngest son! Although he doesn't appear much in the other books, he's a likable chap, but would have preferred him to be more defined as a character rather than just being much younger that the other brothers! Lucy is a pleasant enough heroine and has her moments, but it it all came to a bit of a warm mushy end rather than the promise of the first two books. saying all that - it's been an enjoyable read through the series and I'll probably try some of Quinn's other books after a bit of a break!

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