Friday, 10 April 2009

So many little time...

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
It's taken me a while to read this draft - I downloaded it during the Christmas hols when I had just finished reading all 4 books, but held off for a while. watching the Twilight dvd made me look at it again today. the film was good and I really emjoyed it...Robert Pattison is far too young for me to drool over and he's not quite as I imagined Edward to be, but overall he was excellent...if only I was 18 years younger! The film seemed less intense than the book, but Edward was more "tortured", it now makes sense after reading Midnight Sun. Yes, I wanted Edward's pov...particularly as I never had much sympathy with Jacob! But...I hope this book is finally finished and done properly...Edward is too pained and I want more of his background, I keep wanting to know why and find that frustrating. Although I'm aware this is a teen book and I'm massively out of the "target audience"...I think he's more interesting than his obsession with Bella, but maybe that's my image of him rather than the authors!

Agatha Raisin and the Curious Curate by MC Beaton
More of the same - well I have read 13 of this seris, so no surprises! Better for the lack of James and the charmless Charles.

Take a Look at Me Now by Anita Notaro
Mixed feelings about this one...okay, I devoured it, but was left a bit cold by the main characters. The "shock" factor of the sisters background didn't really work for me and i had high hopes that it was going somewhere, but for me it didn't quite make it.

Agatha Raisin and the day the Floods Came by MC Beaton
As you'll have sussed by now I do love Aggie and have ordered the next lot from Amazon already so i can keep going. Usual quick read and fun. Not missing James and the new author is a potential love interest!

London - April 2009
Had a fantastic time! Loved was soooo camp and then added more feathers and sequins! Everytime I see a new show I am amazed by how slick and fab it all is! Oliver Thornton was great - no man deserves to look that good in stockings and a dress!
Phantom was brilliant (my third time), better overall seats, as we could see better when the phantom is right at the top, but last time was good for seeing expressions and little quirks. I still cried at the end - it doesn't change and she goes with the wrong man! Ramin is amaaaaazing! Although I have doubts about a sequel, I'll pay to see him in it!

Wedding Season by Katie Fforde
Good quality chick-lit! An easy read, the main character is slightly confused by what a "strong, independent" woman is as she still needs the adoration of a man, but it's fun, fluffy and a nice way to spend a weekend!

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