Saturday, 29 November 2014

Indian Summer by Marcia Willett

I haven’t read anything by this author before, so wasn’t sure what to expect. 

Retired actor Mungo lives in the Devon village that he grew up in.  This idyllic setting attracts the various characters as the perfect place to getaway and reflects on their lives and choices.  Long hidden secrets are stirred to the surface

I found it a bit of a slow burner but became drawn in however, on reflection, not a lot actually happens.  That’s not a problem as it is beautifully written infused with the feel of long hot days in a lovingly described setting.  The “secret” adds some darkness and tension but it is the engaging characters and their relationships that makes the book work. I particularly liked Mungo, for his loyalty, humour and willingness to use his talents to protect the young mum Emma.

It’s well worth a read, I enjoyed it and I’ll look out for other books by this author.

Thank you to the publishers and netgalley for my review copy.

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