Saturday, 15 October 2011

An Autumn Crush by Milly Johnson

Juliet has recently split from her husband after he had an affair with her best friend, rather than being down and depressed, she has a gorgeous new flat and a lovely new flat mate, Floz, to share the mortgage.  With a lovely family, including handsome and brooding twin brother Guy, and best friend Coco to support her, life is pretty good and not even internet dates from hell seem to put her off her stride.  Surprisingly, an antagonistic relationship with Guy's best friend Steve, the wrestler, develops into something else and she has to rethink her plans for the future.  Guy has had a troubled past and is definitely focusing on his career as a chef, the arrival of Floz puts him into turmoil as he's unable to show how attracted he is to her.  Floz is ready for a fresh start after the messy breakdown of her marriage, but an unexpected email reopens old wounds and makes her vulnerable and sad.  Can Guy make things better?
It's no secret that I love Milly Johnson! Her books are always light, witty fun and the fact she's a South Yorkshire girl who always manages to get a trip to Meadowhall in, just appeals to me.  It's nice that some old characters make tiny cameo appearances too.  It's also no secret that despite the trials and tribulations and a couple of laugh out loud moments, that everyone will get their happy ending.
I did enjoy this one, but have given it a slightly lower rating simply due to me not being convinced by Floz, if I explain why, it'll give the plot away...but I thought her a bit weak and waaaaay too naive to be likable.  Good stuff, but I liked "Here Come the Girls" a bit more!