Sunday, 8 May 2011

Truth to Tell by Mavis Cheek

With her husband constantly harping on about the dishonesty of politicians, Nina Porter questions her own level of truthfulness in everyday life; why does put up with doing things she doesn't want to? How can she allow her best friend to remain oblivious to the faults in her odious lover?  Nina's decision to avoid the small lies we all tell to smooth life over leads to martial discord and an uncomfortable few days on her own when she refuses to accompany her husband on a business trip.
Is it possible to lead a totally truthful life? An unexpected trip to Venice offers temptations that will be difficult to own up to and friends and family fail to see the benefits of always telling the truth.
Over time I've read the odd Mavis Cheek book and have generally found them to be enjoyable.  I was a bit "meh" about this one, mainly because I couldn't see the point, or am I being stupid and that was the point?!!...we all know that we aren't truthful the whole time and usually it's to ease social wheels and avoid hurting others feelings.  Nina was neither likable or interesting and I didn't really warm to any of the other characters.  Even Venice didn't make the whole thing any more appealing.
It wasn't awful, just not for me.