Monday, 15 March 2010

Molly's Millions By Victoria Connelly

Molly is a florist, she's happy but permanently skint... but all that changes when she wins the lottery.  However, rather than live a life of luxury, she decides to share her good fortune so packs her old faithful Beetle and scoots of around the country to anonymously re-distribute her new found wealth to deserving people leaving her calling card of a yellow gerbera.  Her generousity quickly grabs the attention of Tom, a reporter who follows her round the UK with his young daughter, Flora in tow.  Molly's family have a very different view of money and how it should be spent, so once she hits the newspapers they also try to follow her to bring her to her senses.
I found this rather sweet and Molly is a pleasant, if very naive heroine.  However, her awful family became tedious, her sister-in-law too weak and the revelation about Molly's parentage wasn't necessary.  Again Tom was likeable enough and his daughter was fab, but the developing romance was unconvincing. 
Overall I thought it was enjoyable fluff, despite the predictable and rather cliched ending, but I didn't become involved in the characters or the situations - possibly because of the constant moving that the plot required, so due to that I've put it down half a star.

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