Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Romancing Mr Bridgerton by Julia Quinn
Have to 'fess up and say I love this series. I'm actually forcing myself to have a break and read a couple of differentbooks before I carry on...this is for two reasons, firstly I don't want to finish them too quickly but secondly, I didn't enjoy the last two quite as much and I hope it's not due to familiarity.
I thought this would be one of my previous books Colin, although he didn't appear too much, was a very engaging character and seemed like fun. However, his "darker" side and need to find himself was a bit of a pain at times, I think I like the charmer better. Obviously, my taste in heroes goes for the moody, brooding types...blame Austen and Darcy! Penelope started off alright but didn't totally convince as the mysterious writer...particularly from such a young age. Overall, it was an enjoyable read but I prefered the first two books and Anthony still remains my favourite Bridgerton so far. (Even if he seems to have gone a bit soft in this one)

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