Friday, 31 July 2009

Books for July...

It's a terrible month to get through many books, there's so much going on at work and then I was away for a this month is light!

Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon
Only bought this because of the setting (which is beautifully presented in the book - Venice in winter, all swirling mists and no tourists!) but was pleasantly surprised by an interesting crime investigation, which although I worked out who very early on, didn't get the why! Will definitely look at her other books in this series.

High Jinx by Sara Lawerence
Young Adult school story...Malory Towers it ain't! Over reliant on alcohol, drugs, swearing and sexual references to be a true school romp and I found that all distracted from what could have been a strong story with characters that I could have warmed to. It wouldn't shock teens and falls short for anything else. Trying to hard.

The Ballroom Class by Lucy Dillon
Chick-lit cashing in on the "Strictly Come dancing" trend, about three couples (and various hangers on) who attend a ballroom class. Familiar, well trodden path of ambitious back to work mum and house husband tensions; pushy mother in law to be and middle aged debt, but well written and engaging.

Good Husband Material by Trisha Ashley
I love this author (I think I've said it many times before!) one of her earlier books that I struggled to get hold of. Married to the James who leaves her in the lurch, Fergal the pop star (from her past) becomes infinately more attractive. fab, five star chick lit!

Top Ten Venice
I'm going and so need to check a few things out - nice piccies, not too dull descriptions...can't wait to go!

Gods Behaving Badly
wasn't sure what to expect with this had some fabulous reviews and the idea is very clever. I was also pleased that I knew a fair bit about the I obviously did take something in at school! Some of the events were very funny, but overall for me it lacked a bit of warmth, partcicularly for the two human characters who I didn't sympathise enough with to care sufficently what happened to them at the end.

The Beach Bar by Kate McCabe
Came to me as an Amazon recommendation and it was okay...not amazing but pleasant enough. Amazon must love me...I just spend, spend, spend! Made Fuerengiola seem a lot more attractive than I've ever suspected...but there you go. Light holiday read, instantly forgettable!

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