Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Final May round up...

Yes, it's taken me ages to get to this point, but as a final round up of May...

Heaven know's I'm miserable now
If you weren't you will be after reading this! I expected an affectionate look at the eighties, I loved them and have great memories - this is a rant about a dull love life, psycho girlfriend and art school. Totally self indulgent and a complete bore to read.

Fashion Babylon
No great surprises - if you watch TV or read any glossy mag, you'll have come across all the "revelations of the fashion world." Doesn't take great imagination to know that it's a bitchy, drug and drink fuelled environment with mad deadlines that ultimately is completely useless in terms of improving peoples minds...but that's not why you read this book. It's okay!

Marked by PC and Kristen Cast
Yes it's a teen book, but I was getting Twilight withdrawal! It's far less romantic, more gossip girl and media savvy, I suppose its a US Harry Potter with's pretty crude at times, but an interestng story. I'll stick with the series and see where it goes. Not a keeper, but fun!

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