Saturday, 2 May 2009

Finishing off the April list...

Agatha Raisin and the Perfect Paragon by MC Beaton
Last Aggie book in the house (although there's a couple more still to go!) so having a break for a while. More of the same and just what I'd now expect!

Persuading Annie by Melissa Nathan
Modern take on Persuasion, which I love. Nathan's books are always fun, but some do the update better than others...this was pretty good, but not enough regret/longing about the past from either of the main characters. Entertaining enough, but not her absolute best.

Can't wait to get to Heaven by Fannie Flagg
Not my choice - mum bought it for her hols and wanted me to read it first. Not at all what I expected and where it could have been preachy and saccharine, I found it to be fun and uplifting. makes the point that everyone is here for a reason and we need to just get on with it!

Agatha Raisin and the Deadly dance by MC Beaton
More of the same - Agie angst...need I say more?!

Hard to Choos by Pixie Pirrelli
Urgh...bought this due to Amazon recommendation and wish I hadn't bothered. It's "written" by an author who appears in a Kate Thompson book and is supposed to a sparkly chick-lit. It's cliched, weak and obsessed with coco de mer underwear. Maybe I'm missing something and I've got the real book this stems from on order, so maybe I've done it the wrong way round, but it tries too hard to be sexy and modern and falls flat.

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